GRK Doctoral Seminar

Welcome to the Seminar of the Graduate Research Traning group. We regularly meet (bi-)weekly on Thursday's at 3pm, during the semester in lecture hall 1.

The stage is yours - pick a format

  • Present your results or
  • introduce an experimental, computational, theoretical, ... method or
  • give a tutorial on a specific tool, e.g., a software you developed, or
  • showcase the topics of your research group in a joint talk with your work group colleagues

Become an effective communicator

  • Practice to introduce your field of research to a broad audience of physicists
  • Explain your research ideas such that student peers can follow
  • React to scientific questions from the audience
  • Train your PhD defense or conference talk

Increase visibility

  • Make your results more visible and get others interested in your research
  • Reference your article or an abstract in our GRK Research Gate group. People might want to look up your topic there.

Improve your skills & give and take feedback

  • Interactive feedback collected anonimously on our pinboard during your talk 
  • Discussion with peers in breakoutrooms to improve your talk in a safe environment 

Nuudel for doctoral seminar contribution

Here you can register for a contribution to the doctoral seminar.

All contributers are eligible for a GRK certificate upon PhD completion.
Abstracts, including a teaser graphic, will be advertised to all PhD-students via email.

Schedule of upcoming seminar contributions

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